Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lacking motivation....

So friends, I am going through a severe streak of being unmotivated. Maybe it's a result of all the stress we are undergoing with the move next week but either way I am having a hard time exercising. I know I will feel better if I just work-out so why isn't that enough to get my butt moving?? Can you please offer me some suggestions about getting motivated when you are just feeling too stressed?? I need some help!

Da, da, da, dahhh....strawberries, granola and fage!

I am loving these Smart Ones microwave meals. They are seriously tasty! I'm liking them quite a bit more then Lean Cuisines.

Perfect afternoon snack:)

I was seriously craving some diner food tonight but we are really trying not to eat out in order to save $$. Eating out can really drain the bank! So we brought the diner home. Gabe cooked me up a fierce grilled cheese.

We even got some steak fries. Not quite the same as diner fries but they did the trick.

So what gets you guys motivated to exercise?? I am seriously struggling!



It's so hard to motivate yourself when you are stressed and busy! I try to remind myself how much better I will feel AFTER exercise. Also setting out to do something small (ie, 20 mins at the gym) then find once I am into it, it's not so bad and easier to keep going. Nike style- JUST DO IT! Plan something fun afterwards maybe?


In the past, I've either committed to going to a specific class at the gym, or I see if a friend will meet up with me. Actually, what almost always works is just carrying all of my gym stuff with me when I leave for the day. It's a lot harder when you don't have any specific errands or whatever to get you out of the house, but I know if I'm home I probably won't leave again, so I just take it all with me.


I'm with Ellie: try to picture how you'll feel afterwards. Also think about how good it'll feel to sweat out all your stress, anger, whatever... it's amazing how good cardio is at getting rid of those feelings!

If you just wanna relax at home, try one of the free 20-minute Yoga Download classes. They have all different levels, and they're really easy to follow.

Hope you have a better day :-)

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