Monday, June 8, 2009

Carb Madness!

Wow, blogging what you eat is so informative! It really opens your eyes to what your dieting consists of. And sometimes that aint too great of a realization! Today I was severely carb crazy! Yikes. It's crazy how you deprive yourself of so many necessary nutrients when you're simply not paying attention. Due to a lack of planning today, here's my carbalishious eats....

Sorry, same pic from yesterday. Toast is all too easy for breakfast but not enough to make a healthy balanced meal to start your day.
Kashi Honey Toasty 7 Grain for morning snack.
Turkey sandwich for lunch. No fruits or veggies to accompany it. I'm embarrassed!
This snack I'm not so embarrassed by. It was just what I needed after staying at work late.
Spaghetti was actually the hubby's choice. At least he bought me some capellini noodles. They are really thin whole wheat noodles. They are delish!
Same ole, same ole. Don't fix it if it aint broke.
This particular flavor of Ritz Toasted Chips is comparable to crack/cocaine. I've never tried the drug but I'm pretty sure these chips are just as addicting. I literally can't stop putting them in my mouth. This was definitely a splurge snack.

-nadda:( should, woulda, coulda.

Reviewing your daily food journal really illustrates the weaknesses and strengths of your diet. It's so important to take good care of our amazing bodies. I feel like I owe myself more then eating like I did today. We all owe that to ourselves!



hi! I couple things: one, your photo quality would come out a lot better if you don't use the flash, and you turn on the microzoom (it usually has a little flower icon). If it's too dark, a simple photo editing thing like Picasa will help. Seriously, the microzoom setting will change your life.

The other thing: I'm in the same place as you! It's not that I'm terribly unhealthy; I'm just not as healthy as I should/could be. I just started a new blog too and you're 100% right - it definitely makes me look at what I eat with new eyes.

Lots of luck to you & your journey!


hey, don't beat yourself up...look at an overall picture of a few days. One day heavy on carbs isn't the end of the world, and your choices aren't unhealthy in themselves. And yes- spot on. Don't mess with the yogurt/granola combo!

Have a great tuesday!

Island Girl Eats

Hi! Welcome to the blog world!
That pasta looked very yummy. I could see the steam coming off of it!


Those chips SOUND AMAZING, as I am secretly obsessed with sour cream and would put it on everything I eat if I could (I know, I know, it's an Eastern European thing)

And blogging definitely opened my eyes to what I'm eating...sometimes I'd eat the same thing like so many days in a row!

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