Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last weekend living the city life.

Our last weekend in NYC is officially over:( I am trying to just look forward to what we have planned in the future rather then get depressed about leaving. Focusing on the past just makes it harder then it needs to be. We've had a truly amazing time in New York. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience this city. I have grown up a great deal and I feel like I am leaving a more confident woman. We didn't do anything paramount to celebrate our last weekend, we simply walked around the city and visited The Highline, which is a new park in nyc that used to be train tracks. It's a really cool addition to the city. If you are visiting or live here, you need to check it out!

Me at the Highline on a nasty rainy day:P

Gabe protesting me taking a pic of him. Too bad.

Easy breakfast of toast this morning.

After we cleaned out the fridge we made a smoothie of frozen strawberries and pineapple. Delicious!

Lunch was a Smart Ones ravioli. I am definitely buying Smart Ones from now on. They are cheaper and seem to be more filling then Lean Cuisines.

We walked around the Cobble Hill area in Brooklyn for awhile again today and ate dinner at a no fuss Bar and Grill. My veggie burger and fries was just what I was craving!

My sweet tooth was on fire tonight! I started off trying to satisfy the bugger with some Rocky Road ice cream. But that wasn't enough....

So I moved on to strawberries and chocolate. My sweet tooth kept barking at me even after these two treats,

so I just had to pick up some kettle corn. That did the trick:)

-Deep cleaning the apartment! Scrubbed the oven, refrigerator, stove top, inside all our cupboards and packed a few more boxes. I was curious as to how many calories you actually burn cleaning and this is what I found at Eddie on Everything. Given this info. I burned over 600 calories! Hey-oh! That is fantastic!

Hope you all had glorious weekends and are ready to take on another busy week:)



I had no idea cleaning burned that many calories! Might need to remind myself of that when I am putting off housework :P

Glad you had a good 'goodbye' weekend in NY...had a few of those myself and it was hard/bitersweet. You are making the right choice, Brooke and I am excited for you and the things that lie ahead...

have a great Monday!


I'm going to miss you Brooke :(


i guess i live under a rock or something but where are you going?!?!?


I hope you guys have a safe trip back out west! Where are you guys headed?


I love veggie burgers, I can't ever find any that I like to make at home. Boca sometimes, but always best when I order out..sadness!

You have a cute blog, good food ideas..I will definite be back for more :)


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