Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When is summer break???

Is it just me or does it feel like it should be Thursday today? Every day lately has felt like at least the equivalent of 4 regular days all packed in one. I need a vacation! Please tell me, do you ever get over that feeling that you deserve the summer off??? I'm nervous that I will never overcome that feeling of, "it's summer so now work should be over!" Please, please tell me that it gets easier with time!!??

Off to a much better start today! Such a power house of a smoothie-banana, raspberries, mango, and a few peaches with some ice and almond milk. Absolute heaven. Gotta try it.
Doesn't this just look amazingly delicious??....It was:)
Left over spaghetti for lunch. I think I'm one of few out in the world that doesn't like my leftovers reheated. In my opinion reheating food just changes it and messes it all up. Much rather have it cold!
Dinner at what other then Chipotles!! Today I subtracted the medium salsa, it's been a bit too spicy for me lately. Tonight's mix was fab like always.
Rainbow Sherbet for dessert. This just makes me feel like a kid. It brings back good memories:)

Thought I'd add some more pictures of the casa for you all. Sorry if these pictures are way random. I just figure I share a lot of my life with my readers, might as well share my home! Check out the pictures of my puppy Reggie on our wall. Ridiculous, huh? We blew a picture of our dog up and we have it framed in our dining room. Out of control!



Your photos look great! I'm glad I could help. :-) Also, your house is pretty fantastic.

Side note: I had posted my tumblr address in my blogger profile, but my fitness/health blog is actually runfishyrun.blogspot.com. Tumblr, while entertaining, isn't much related.


I do get summers off as a college student and honestly, I don't know what I'm going to do once I enter the "real" world. I'm going to be like "uuhhh...I'm on vacation now, right?" :)

I LOVE your apartment, it's so simple and elegant!


I am so in love with your apartment!

So funny about the leftovers- I just posted something almost identical to how cold leftovers are the best way to eat food! Your smoothie sounds great.

This week is majorly dragging too- am so confused with the days! All day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday! Do you have a vacation planned? I am going away in October (NY!!!!!!) and can't WAIT!


Love the pictures of Reggie!! So cute!
And my goodness, your house is so cute!! I'm sure you are so sad to leave.

But... I'm here because my nutritionist just gave a little helpful hint- you probably already know this thoug. But if you don't....

After eating lots of sugar there is a way to keep it from making you fat!!! Apple Cider Vinegar. If you've had a rough day and too many sweets. Take a couple swigs of Apple Cider Vinegar (must be 'Mother' of Apple Cider Vinegar, all natural). What's the trick? It slows down the break down. Gives you more time to work off the sugar before it gets stored as fat!
It also has a ton of health benefits!! Read about it here:

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