Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life is chaos!...

Please forgive my slacker ways lately. I have been a bit distracted with the move and getting everything wrapped up in nyc. I wish I could just be more calm about it all, but I am so high anxiety about having everything in life "in order". Whatever that means! I am not thrilled about starting the job search in UT. Not one bit. But I am very happy to be close to my family again. I miss them soooo much! Anyhow, we've got a lot going on right now and I am really trying to stay healthy and maintain my exercise schedule. I have to be vigilant about running this next 2 weeks before we move-only 3 more weeks till our 10K! Hold me to it!

Breakfast of champions-granola, strawberries, and fage! I'm getting nervous for the end of strawberry season!

We tried this fabulous Middle Eastern restaurant right here in Brooklyn. I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't pay attention to the name but I am sure we will make it there again before we leave new york. I had falafel and salad. This meal only cost $7. What a steal, huh?!

You can't eat Middle Eastern food without having a little baklava. Yummy!

We are trying to clean out our freezer so we just cooked up a frozen lasagna for dinner. Nothing special.

I promised the winners of a contest I did in my College and Career class home-baked goods. The 2 girls that won wanted chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cupcakes. No complaints here! Some of the chocolate cupcake batter may have fallen into my mouth. Just maybe;) Gabe always makes fun of me because I get batter ALL OVER my face whenever I eat it. Just like a little kid. I didn't let him photograph it, just a little bit too embarrassing:)

I'm excited to frost these bad boys and put some sort of sprinkles on them!
I'll include that pic tomorrow.

I hope you all have absolutely fantastic weekends!

p.s. I lost another 2 pounds! Blogging is really paying off!



Congrats on the 2lbs brooke!

It's so hard to stay on track with health/fitness goals when life gets busy! Sounds like you have a LOT to juggle right now so don't be too hard on yourself!

Yours is the third blog I've seen today that features felafel- so glad I stocked up on some at the weekend :D

And don't stress about strawberry season- cause that means apple and pear season starting! (I have a slight obsession with apples :P )

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