Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It was a much better day today, thank goodness! I can say that exercising helped quite a bit as well. However hard it is to get yourself to work out, (especially when life is pure chaos), it is soooo worth it!! I feel healthier on every level after I get a work out in; emotionally, mentally, and obviously physically! I also feel like I'm more in control when I exercise, which is critical when you feel like your life is a falling apart. I truly believe in many ways that exercise=sanity, at least in my case....So there's my feelings about exercise;)
I was disappointed to be reminded that we ate up all our berries with all our smoothies. No strawberries for my morning fage and granola:( I forgot my camera at lunch. It was nothing special, Quizno's turkey, ranch and swiss sandwich and some baked bbq chips. I really adore Quizno's sandwiches and my lunch of choice only weighs in at around 400 cals. for a small sandwich.
Here's me being a weirdo taking pictures of my food in a busy subway station. I managed to get people to stare at me. Quite the feat in NYC!
The weather was so erratic here today! It was so muggy and hot and then right as I'm leaving work it starts to pour rain. Just my luck:P I still had a smile on my face though because we were eating at my fav, Chipotles.

Tonight's salad was actually a little bit TOO spicy for me. I think I need to go easy on the double salsa's next time!

I hit up my 3rd fast food restaurant at Wendy's for dessert. The simple, the perfectly satisfying, the classic Frosty.

-Fitness Club!
-Warm-up 1 mile run
-Leg work-out:
-lunges 30 reps, 2 sets
-lunges where you hold your leg out straight on the kick-back 30 reps, 2 sets
-umpa-lumpas 30 reps, 2 sets
-wall-sits, as long as possible, 2 sets. We did it contest style, and I won one of two times! Hey-oh!!

Hope your Wednesday was good to you all!



I have the exact same feelings about exercise- often the last thing I *feel* like doing but feel so much better afterwards!

I have yet to try Chipotels but am 99.9% certain I will love it!

Enjoy your day!


I'm with you on the exercise...Sometimes I'm so stressed I don't think I have time, but when I find time to do so, I feel so great afterward!

mmmmm Chipotle! I love it!

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