Tuesday, June 2, 2009

High Anxiety!

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. Last night, literally right when I was sitting down to post, Gabe walks in from walking our dog with the downstairs neighbor in tow. Who he found locked out of her apartment. We invited her sleep on our couch. I am really glad she took up our offer-it was 12:30am and she looked exhausted. But I am actually kind of surprised she did because we've only met her once before in the year that we've lived here. New Yorkers seriously keep to themselves. Anyways, that's what kept me from the blogging world yesterday:)....Today was high anxiety in my world! Gabe and I have recently decided to move back to the west. The hubbie is going to back to school for his graduate degree. There is a long story behind it all and it's a quite emotionally exhausting, especially considering I am not totally ready to leave the madness that is NYC. But my priority is my family and this is what's best for us, so moving onward. The high anxiety part of my day comes with the fact that I put in my formal resignation at work. Not fun. At all. The Administrative staff was really supportive, which I am sooo grateful for. It's not an easy decision, what so ever! This post could go on forever and I don't want that! So I am going to keep moving along.......

Gabriel brought me home some flowers for high anxiety day. So sweet:)

Blackberries are smoothies greatest compliment. This smoothie mixture was our best yet.
This is all I ate today. I was stuck in the Principles office for most of the day. I didn't even realize I was hungry until like 5pm rolls around and at that point I bought some comfort food-bagel & cream cheese.
I fell asleep for a little bit when I got home. I was emotionally exhausted! I woke up to what was supposed to be my lunch, Lean Cuisine Mac & Cheese.
This day was all discombobulated so I thought it only fitting to eat my favorite breakfast for dessert.

-Does being really emotional count?? I feel more tired after crying then I do after running a half-marathon.

Sorry for the excess of explaining in this post! It is so therapeutic to work through your day like this. I'm just so grateful for everyones support:) I LOVE THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY!!!




I'm sorry you're leaving NYC! But I agree, family always comes first. Good luck with the move!

How sweet of Gabriel to get you flowers and your work staff to be so supportive!

We'd love to have you back, so visit often!


I'm sorry this is such a rough time Brooke- sounds like as hard as it is, you are making the right choice...(which is often easier said than done). Hope all goes smoothly!

When are you leaving?

Hope today is easier for you- maybe now that you handed in your resignantion and a 'decision' has been made official, the anxiety will lessen x

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