Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've officially lost 2 pounds!!

I weighed myself the other day and the scale showed that I lost 2 pounds but I didn't want to get too excited because I know that our weight flucuates. This morning I weighed myself just to make sure and sure enough I lost 2 pounds!! This past year I have gained 15 pounds-which I like to attribute to starting a "real job" but whatever the reason was I am not having it!! I have always been athletic and my 5 foot 9inch frame carries the weight fairly evenly but my desired weight is 145lbs. I am on my way!...Funny story, yesterday's post I confessed to sleeping a total of 14 hours and once my hubbie read my post, he was like "are you sure you want to tell them that you slept that long?" I laughed, and told him that he obviously doesn't understand why I am blogging about my life. It's not because I want to look good it's because I HAVE to hold myself accountable and I HAVE to get back on track! And as Charles Stuart Platkin from I Want To Save Your Life says, "living healthfully is a about evolution not revolution".

Sorry that I eat this same breakfast so much. It just sits so well. BORING, I know!
Gabe made an early dinner of Barbeque Chicken Pizza. I would share the recipe, but it wasn't the healthiest. It was one of those splurge meals. But I am proud to say I only ate these 2 pieces! That is quite the triumph for me with pizza.
Our landlord lives above us and he and his wife always bring us treats. They are seriously the nicest people ever. They are for real new yorkers, and if you were on their bad side I'm sure life would be hell. But luckily they love us. Probably because I am a clean freak and we don't party;) They bring us treats ALL the time. I am usually not the biggest fan. I am picky about my treats. But it was so nice of them and we are very grateful. This fruit dessert was caked in sugar, which I just think is unneccissary. The fruit is totally sweet enough on it's own. I ate a bite of it and passed it on to Gabriel.
Tonight's snack was some parmesean goldfish. The way I keep myself in check with these sort of snacks, you know the ones where you could eat the whole bag if you didn't pay attention, is measure them out before hand.
The picture is not great, but this is what one serving of goldfish looks like. Not a bad snack for 130 cals.
I needed my chocolate fix. This sugar-free chocolate and vanilla pudding did just the trick and coming in at 60 calories I was a guilt-free gal afterwards!

-Gabe and I kicked up the mileage today to 4 miles. We signed up for a 10k on the 4th of July and we will be running it with my fitness guru brother, so we are ready to kick up the training to a new level!

The weekend is over but at least it's warm outside. Sunday nights I find to be the hardest of the entire week, but I am going to try to stay positive! Do you gals have a hard time on Sunday nights?



Happy Monday Brooke!

Congrats on your weight loss- I LOVE the quote aout evolution not true.

I think your breakfast looks great- boring shmoring, if it tastes good, keep rocking it...strawberries aren't in season forever so make the most of it! The pizza sounds awesome- 2 pieces sounds perfectly healthy to me. All in moderation = goodness! I LOVE chocolate pudding- one of my favourite snacks used to be cooking 1/3 cup oats, letting it cool slightly and swirling in pudding. Awesome stuff (is chocolate ever NOT awesome?!)

I laughed at the landlord comment- glad you guys get on...can imagine living so close to your landlord might not end up well :P

I just posted about staying positive ;)


Woohoo, down 2 pounds! It's a good feeling :)

And tell your husband that sleeping a lot actually is good for weight loss and overall health.

Congrats on signing up for the 10K! That's exciting news!


CONGRATS on 2 lbs! thats awesome girl youre well on your way! im so happy for you!

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