Thursday, May 28, 2009

Migraine Momma

Today I would have happily forfeited sharing my eats for the day...but I'm in this for better or worse. Perseverance is going to be key to attaining the level of fitness that I want to reach. So today I got a MAJOR migraine and had to come home early to sleep it off because that is the only thing that works. I get super scared when I am getting a migraine because I have epilepsy and my seizures always start with a migraine. So I went home and fell dead sleep for 5 hours. I probably would have slept longer but I had to pee.

I had time before I went to work this morning to eat out of a civilized bowl. This is quite the treat.
When I woke up from my crazy long nap I wasn't in the mood to make dinner and Gabe wasn't getting home till late from the office so we ordered Chinese. I never feel right after eating this sort of greasy food and it is for that reason that I ask myself, why do I bother eating it?? But, life happens and sometimes I am not up for fighting the fight. I only ate about half of this and then my stomach started talking back and I just threw it away. Blah!!! On the bright side I got a pretty sweet fortune in my fortune cookie, "You are given the chance to take part in an exciting adventure." and "You will be traveling and coming into a fortune." That's good news, right??

-nadda! Migraine kicked my butt out of commission.

Sorry about the measly post. I'm going to walk the pup now. Hope you guys have some fun plans for the weekend!!



Argh, I hate migraines! So glad you got to sleep it off. Mine used to be really intense when I was a kid.

And if any Chinese is good, it's NY Chinese...good choice :)


I'm so sorry about your migraine! Someone in my family also has recurrent migraines because of epilepsy... you've probably already heard of Imitrex, but I think it helps her.

Nothing beats NYC Chinese... I won't eat it anywhere else!


I've been getting horrible migraines lately, too! I always get them behind my eyes. It's horrible. Do you have any tips?
At least you got a nap in and some good lookin' Chinese food! Two of my favorite things!


I hope your nap helped- migraines are awful :( (and nothing worse than needing to sleep but waking up to pee! though better than not waking up when you do pee...:P )

I love Chinese food! always best in NY for some reason...


info on migraine here - Migraine - Half the Head

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