Saturday, May 23, 2009

3 Day Weekends MUST become the norm

3 Day weekends are so relaxing. I think I would be a better person if every weekend was 3 days long:)...So, yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting some incredible blogging ladies!! Living in NYC really has it's advantages.

It was so inspirational to meet these women. They are so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, it was truly a gift to meet them. Thanks for the invite Gina!!!

Melissa, Ashley, Megan, Gina, Gena, myself, Meghan, and Katie.

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Today was so beautiful in Brooklyn. I didn't even wake up till 11:30am, (I seriously don't know how I'm going to manage waking up early when I have a child!). Right when I woke up I had a hankering for greek yogurt but sadly I didn't have any strawberries:(

Lunch was leftover whole wheat spaghetti. Do you notice how much pepper I use. I am a pepper feign!!
Gabe took me on a date tonight to Coney Island. The restaurant we planned on eating at didn't pan out (it was a bit too fancy for what we were looking for) but luckily we found this Caribbean restaurant right next to the boardwalk, Footprints Cafe. The ambiance left much to be desired (there were these really obnoxious flashing lights all over) but the cuisine was DIVINE!! I'm a fairly fussy eater and have not typically been excited about Caribbean food but this salad changed my mind. It was goat cheese wrapped in that potato, I don't know exactly what everything else was except that it was soooooo yummy. If you come to New York it is worth your travel to Coney Island to check this place out.

After dinner we walked the boardwalk and we were lucky enough to come across this performer...I actually don't think he was intending to perform for anyone else but himself but it was quite the entertainment. I am so surprised we have not be beaten up for all the pictures we have taken of random people in New York:) I got a soft serve Chocolate cone and then headed home because it was freezing next to the ocean!
I got the munchies late and this Banana Bread was calling my name.

Gabe and I were ambitious with our work-out today. We managed 5 200 meter sprints. Sprinting is a great way to change up your work-out and it's quick and effective!
-Warm-up run, about half a mile
-3 200 meter sprints at 70% exertion, 30 second break in between sets
-2 minute break
-2 200 meter sprints at 85% exertion, 30 second break in between sets
-Jogged half a mile

It's late here and puppy needs a walk....see you manana!



Footprints look so good! I've only been to Coney Island a couple of times, to go to the Siren Festival and go on the rides. I guess there are other fineries on the island!

Love that you and the hub work out together. Great motivation!

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