Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama loves me.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, sometimes you just need a day off. Today was so refreshing! I slept for 12 hours and managed to take a 2 hour nap. That may not even be healthy but I was pleased with it!

Gabe wins the sweetest hubbie award today again, he woke me up to this scrumptious smoothie. I love that you can add in fruit that is just a little bit too ripe and it tastes just the same. We got some Vanilla Almond Breeze to put in mix. It is really delicious-90 cals per serving, a great alternative to milk for the vegan's or lactose-intolerant readers.
Again, he added a carrot to mine after pouring his own. He's missing out!
After waking up from a nap I ate some whole wheat english muffins with cheddar cheese. I burned these a bit but they were still quite tasty.

So, tonight we weren't sure what we wanted to do so we just got on the train into the city and stopped at 14th street. Right when we got off the train we saw all these people collected around 6th avenue. We didn't even know what we were waiting for but within five minutes of standing around trying to figure it out here comes all these police on motorcycles and helicopters over head and OBAMA! Yeah, so that was what all the fuss was about. That's what I love about New York. You never know who you are going to happen upon.
He's in the back seat. He waved at me. I'm certain it was me who he waved at, specifically me.
After our OBAMA experience we traveled over to Phebe's Tavern and Grill. I had a barbecue chicken salad. This baby had a kick to it!! I guzzled 3 diet cokes to try to save my tongue from burning off! I have very sensitive taste buds!
Tonight was the ultimate splurge...chocolate mousse cake. I am totally salivating looking at this picture!! It was so damn good. So f-ing good.
After our delicious meal we walked around the city like crazy, just soaking up the beautiful weather. We walked around for a couple hours and I was craving a trashy gossip magazine and a little snack for the train ride home.

-I still want credit for my yesterday work-out! I ran 3 miles with Gabe. I could really feel like I am getting in shape. I was ready to run another 2 miles at least!

-Today I just walked, walked, walked. About 2.5 to 3 miles in all.

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Thanks for reading friends!


Gena (Choosing Raw)

Gorgeous smoothies!


hey, if your body wants sleep, nothing wrong with that!

Cool Obama story! I miss NY so much- can't wait to come back!!!

I am salivating over that cake too...looks amazing!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


YEAH! OF COURSE he waved at you :)

Our President's mad fine. That chocolate looks BOMB!

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