Monday, May 4, 2009

My very first entry!

I am so excited to finally start my blog! I have been putting it off the last few weeks, thinking that I'll have my diet perfected by then or something. But I have come to accept that it's never going to be "perfect" and I just need to get this started already! So here it goes... Breakfast is usually in a ghetto styrofoam cup because I am ALWAYS running late and I tend to have to eat on the train to husband thinks that it's pretty gross to eat on the subway but you do what you gotta do;) Anyways, who's going to pass up Greek yogurt, granola, and fresh strawberries?

Morning snack a golden delish and SOYJOY!
I heated this bad boy up for lunch. I could eat mac & cheese everyday! was kind of weird taking a picture of my food at work especially in front of teenagers (I work at a high school).

Pre-workout snack. This is my favorite protein shake.

After my work-out I was craving caffeine and probably not the best choice but my diet is a work in progress.

My hubbie is big on Monday date nights. So tonight we made our way to Manhattan for Chipotles and the new X-Men movie. My favorite restaurant is chipotles. As you can see in the pic below I split the rice bowl in half to make it into 2 meals since it's not the most diet friendly meal.

This half will be my lunch tomorrow! I am looking forward to it.

I'm not proud to put this snack choice up on my first day of fitness blogging, but I wanted to be genuine. So this was my movie snack; a handful of combos and a mini almond joy. I'm not gonna say I regret it.

-15 min. stair stepper at level 6.
-3 sets 12 reps overhead tricep ext.
-3 sets 10 reps military press
-3 sets 12 reps concentration curls

I'm not in the best shape right now. That's my reasons for starting this blog, so this is all a work in progress. You have no idea how much all your support means to me:) I look forward to getting to know and support of you!!!


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I think your diet is great! Do NOT worry about being perfect - I think that part of having a "good" diet is eating what you crave :) Combos are so good, aren't they?

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point

no one is perfect! i love the header :)


This is definitely the best blog ever. It looks great and I'm proud of you for getting it going.
-Brooke's Husband


It looks great!!! I love the honesty...especially since I am a Diet soda lover myself! There could be worse habits right??


The blog looks great! I also love the header. :-)

I could live off mac & cheese!

Brandon and Krystyn

Brooke, this is such a good idea! And its motivating me, so keep it up!! I'll be sure to check in often! Love you!

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