Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today was sort of rough...

Today was my father-in-law(who passed away almost a year ago)'s Birthday. It was a hard day, especially having to watch my husband be in pain. I want to lift his burden so badly but I am at a loss. Loosing a parent has to be one of the hardest things anyone has to deal with, especially at a young age(my husband was only 26). So I try to be supportive but some days you can simply feel defeated...on the bright side I ate healthfully despite being depressed which I am very proud of.
Breakfast was some of my fav Kashi Go Lean cereal. It totally looks like bird feed but it's quite tasty:)

Morning snack was delish. I am in love with strawberries.
This Kashi pasta was a lot better then it looks. I'm not too happy about all the sodium in these meals but it's a lot better then eating out at the greasy restaurants near my work.

Tonight was no fuss Black Bean Tostado's.
This is such a simple, healthy, yummy meal. I definitely recommend it.
After dinner we made our way to the grocery store, to pick out a "treat". I was seriously craving Ice Cream Cake, dieting sabotage. But I was strong and I made the smarter choice of some chocolate dip for my beloved strawberries. It was satisfying and I am proud of myself for making good decisions:) Just when I thought I was in the clear the late night munchies hit me....

I try to not eat past 10pm. I usually am eating at that point because I'm tired or bored but I guess I didn't eat quite enough to tide me over for the day because I was hungry at 10:30pm. So I popped an english muffin in the toaster, added some pb and was a full, happy, sleepy girl.

-none. I got my nails done instead. I know, lame. But I just needed some pampering today.

I hope everyone else's day was a bit brighter then mine! Thanks for reading:)



Aww, I hope your hubby feels better. That's really rough.

I LOVE getting my nails done. I really need to go. I've been doing my own for the last few months in an effort to save money, but I miss it.

Gotta love late night snacking too - I'm a major night time snacker! I like the english muffin idea - yum :)


I love your night snack! Don't worry, you're not alone - it's 1:00 and I just finished eating some tofu pudding. :) Your blog looks great, I really love the name!!

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