Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is today Ground-hog's day?

Today felt like Ground-hound's Day the movie. Like I was just going through the motions. I am a year out of college now and it's nearly been a year at my job and I am still not used to the monotony of a 9 to 5 job. Do you ever get used to that feeling?? Hopefully I am just feeling a little Senioritis because it's coming up on Graduation for my High Schooler's. Hopefully. Minus the fact that I am not a Senior or a student for that matter. Anyways....

I started the day with my Power House Go Lean Kashi. When I got off the subway this morning I realized that I had the cereal pellets all over my shirt. Sweet. It's a good thing no ones cares in New York, I'm pretty sure I would have to only be wearing cereal pellets in order to be stared at;)

Morning snack. I love baby carrots. I just love them.
This is certainly not the most attractive picture but I promise it tastes better then it looks! Kashi Rachero Beans. This is my favorite Kashi microwave meal.
While I was working out I starting feeling dizzy so I ran up to my locker and had half my Kashi Bar. I'm really glad I had something to eat in my gym bag or else I would have quit mid-exercise. Planning ahead is critical!!
Gabe and I were slackers this weekend about planning meals ahead and we were feeling defeated today so we met up at the 5th Avenue Cafe near our apartment. I was trying to make a healthier choice by ordering a salad but this salad did not serve me justice. It was far too meaty. The meat you see here isn't even half of it either! Groddy!...(I was a vegetarian for years and I eat mainly vegetarian now, still don't care for too much meatiness). I ate about half of it and then gave in and ordered a grilled cheese.
Grilled cheese sandwiches are the ultimate comfort food. Eating a grilled cheese is like getting a big hug from your cuddly grandmother. It's that good.
My Edy's is all gone:(

-20 minutes eliptical trainer on interval setting
burned 223 calories
-20 minutes treadmill at level 8 incline 3.6 speed
burned 228 calories
(Putting the treadmill at a higher incline will dramatically increase the amount of calories you burn.)

I hope you all had a much less robotic day then mine. Tomorrow is new day, and I am determined to make it a great one:) Good night friends!



I know exactly what you mean... I think I was BORN with senioritis.

Kashi would be very happy about your day's eats!

Sorry you were bored... in a few weeks you can start going to the Bryant Park movies on Mondays! It's a little crowded (okay, a lot crowded) but a lot of fun.


yeah 9 - 5 is...ah... I want to say it gets easier but I think really I am just a kid at heart and want to play all day!

Agree with the grilled cheese- such a comfort factor. Throw in some tomato soup for dipping and I am back to being 5 years old. I love salad places like that though am with you on the meat factor- I usually get it with some kind of beans and add a pouch of tuna that I snuck in (shhh...don't tell!)


I'm still in school and am SO DREADING the 9 to 5 schedule...ooof.

MMMMM. I love Kashi products! I've determined that I can survive only on Kashi forever!

Gena (Choosing Raw)

Ha, grilled cheese (only the way my Mom made) is one of the few cooked and non-vegan foods I remember with fondness!! xoxo


Have you ever tried the kashi black bean mango entree?? It's sooo spicy and sweet, which makes it my definite favorite! I'll have to find that ranchero one though...

And sounds like you had a great workout, have a good Wednesday!

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