Monday, May 18, 2009

Whew...I'm exhausted

This weekend was fun filled and action packed! Gabe and I could start our own tour guide business after all the tours that we have given this past year in New York. My favorite part of this weekend was the Harbor Lights Cruise we took last night. So charming. New York has so much rich history, it's neat to be apart of it...anyways, I didn't make the best food choices this weekend. Something about vacation and visitors that just makes me want to go hog wild. And that's exactly what I did this weekend. We ate at a bunch of restaurants and it was fun to check them out, especially because my Mom was kind enough to finance the food bill:) Thanks Mommy! So my bro and sister-in-law left tonight and we are back to the grind. Gotta love Mondays...
Birdseed(Kashi Go Lean) did me right this morning. It really fills you up for longer then most cereals. Must be the extra fiber.
Lunch was scrumptious Quizno's. This turkey, ranch, and swiss sandwich is supposed to be a small but this isn't looking very small. If it was then it actually isn't too many cals for how satisfying the meal is. This chili is my favorite. Only 125 calories for the chili, 410 for the sandwich.
Afternoon snack consisted of Banana Bread LaraBar; this flavor is officially my favorite as of now. It tastes like real banana bread. Crazy.
My brother left behind these chips. I don't especially like Salt and Vinegar but a few chips hit the spot.
Since I took a long (4 hour nap after work, yikes:P) we didn't make dinner together. Lean Cuisine for me.
Finished the night off with some Edy's. Only 120 cals per serving. I always eat at least 2 servings but that's still not bad for a chocolatey delicious dessert.

-(I'm hanging my head in shame) none:P

I am absolutely exhausted. I've got to get back on the horse again tomorrow....I will work-out! Hope you all had a pleasant Monday!


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