Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tracy Morgan and me are TIGHT!

Well, we saw each other on the streets of Manhattan at least. 30 Rock is one of my favorite shows so I was floored, minus the fact that Tracy looked like a pompous a-hole. So we didn't ask for his autograph or a picture. He was walking with a chick and he didn't look like he was in the mood. Anyways, there's my claim to fame...Today has been so absolutely beautiful and glorious. We had a bbq with the neighbors, we won raffle tickets to Avenue Q, and we were able to enjoy a late night in the city because we don't have work tomorrow!!!
There is some Fage Total 0% and granola under those banana's and strawberries. This breakfast makes me feel so healthy and ready to take on the day.
Gabe made these cream cheese brownies for our neighbors bbq. We got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Visit it, they have THE BEST dessert recipes! I also ate a hot-dog and a big salad for lunch. I didn't take a picture because as I was trying to explain to my neighbors about my blogging, they just didn't get it. We don't know them very well and sometimes it can just be awkward. So with that I kept my camera turned off:)
Gabe and I are huge on trying for raffle tickets at Broadway shows. We have won them at Wicked and now Avenue Q. You go to the show about 2 hours before and put your name in a box, have your ID and about $40 in cash ready and you are on your way to front row seats. My name was called tonight and I realized that I didn't have my ID. I felt so dumb! Luckily, very luckily Gabe's name was called. Avenue Q was hilarious. A crude spin on the Muppet Show.
Dinner before the show was beloved Chipotles. I tried the salad for the 2nd time tonight, I really like it! I counted the calories on Calorie King and my salad is about 400 calories. A lot better then my 800+ calorie rice bowl:)
After the show I was craving something sweet and since I had already had a brownie (or 2;)) I decided on some fruit.

Don't you just love the beginning of summer weather?? It just seems like everyone is in a better mood, maybe it's just that there are more tourists in nyc! Either way I feel recommitted to living a healthy lifestyle and being my best self. Do you guys feel more motivated to live healthy when it's warm weather?



Hey girl! Chipotle burrito bowls are the best! I always cover mine in beans, corn, lettuce, salsa & hot sauceeee!
Those brownies look great too, I feel like I haven't had a delicious, goooooey brownie in ages! Maybe I should get baking today?! haha! Hope you're having a good Memorial Day! :)

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