Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swine Flu might get me some vaca

You may think I would be upset by the Swine Flu epidemic, but I am totally not. I think New York schools are making it a way bigger deal then it needs to be. More people die from the normal flu then the Swine Flu but if it gives me a vacation then hell yes I am thrilled!!!! I am awaiting the morning news with much anticipation:) 5 students have the symptoms and possibly the flu so I am really hoping the Department of Education pulls through for me! With this news, today wasn't too shabby...
This cereal is seriously so filling. Add a little splenda and it is a superb breakfast.
Lunch was Kashi-licious. This meal is so perfectly seasoned. I'm not the biggest fan of spicy food because it can really upset my stomach but this meal is just right. Lots of protein-12 grams, amongst other good vitamins. Try it out friends! First time for these TLC granola bars, same exact taste as the Nature Valley's. I think TLC's has less cals though. Pellegrino is soooo helpful in weaning me from excess Diet Pepsi.
Afternoon snack of berries. Blessed berries. Love this season...minus the blackberry juice that stained my fingers, shirt, and I managed to get it on my freshly dry-cleaned pants. Sweet.
I had to stay late at work today for a new student orientation and I was getting real hungry after Fitness Club. I was thinking to myself, I am about to make a very poor decision(greasy food around the school). But luckily I packed these Chic Peas for just this situation. Planning is our greatest defense against diet failure!
Came home to some divine Edy's. You probably will be seeing a picture of this each day till the carton is gone, sorry! Can't resist the chocolately goodness.
Finished the night off with some mango. So f'ing good. I still have some for tomorrow as well:)

-Fitness Club! We warmed up with a run, probably about 1 and 1/2. Then we did some exercises on Exercise TV. Great resource for work-outs.

I am pleading with everyone to pray for the Swine Flu to spread just enough to shut down my school with out getting me sick:)...j/k, seriously though I need some time off.



The "Kashi whole grain nuggets" look just like Grape Nuts only with a fancier name. Are you sure they didn't just steal the recipe????

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