Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Power of positivity

I said it was going to be a better day, and it was. The power of a positive attitude never ceases to amaze me! Now I just need to apply that more often! Today really did just fly though. Hope you all had a great hump-day as well:)

As I am always running late in the morning I usually eat cereal and other such easy meals, but today my sweet hubbie made me a smoothie before work. So, so sweet.
Gabe put a carrot in mine and I liked it better with it because all the fruit can get a bit sweet. The carrot tamed it down.
My whole wheat english muffin peanut butter and jelly sandwich just looks pathetic but it really it was yummy. I have been cutting down a lot on the diet soda but today I had a hankering for it that Pelligrino could not satisfy.
Pre work-out snack.
Another all American meal. Tonight was my first grocery store rotisserie turkey though. It was soooo good! Like I've said before I'm really picky about the meat I eat, if I eat any at all and this I highly recommend. This entire meal was under $10 for the both of us and there is plenty left over. What a freakin deal!
I snacked on some fresh pineapple while watching So You Think You Can Dance? I certainly wish I could dance!!
We grocery shopped tonight and Pellegrino's were on sale. You have to get so creative with space living in nyc...this particular arrangement gives my interior design husband an ulcer.
Late night munchies was so satisfying. This is my first time trying Laughing Cow cheese. 35 calories per wedge. You all HAVE to try this cheesy wonderment out!!!

-Fitness Club. Today we FINALLY got equipment for my club!!! It's May and I ordered it 5 months ago but whatever it's here and it's wonderful. This little gift definitely contributed to my day being better. In our shipment we got mats, resistance bands, exercise balls, medicine balls, lots of sports balls, cones, and it was like Christmas opening up all those boxes. I feel so official.

Today we took advantage of the resistance bands. I wanted to use the exercise balls as well but I couldn't find a pump this afternoon. You can get such an amazing work-out from resistance bands! Here's what we did...
-Lateral Raises 12 reps, 3 sets
-Bi-cep curls 15 reps, 3 sets
-Tri-cep kickbacks 12 reps, 3 sets
-Military Press 12 reps, 3 sets
-Seated Calf Raises 15 reps, 3 sets
-Hip Flexors 12 reps, 3 sets
-Lunges 10 reps, 3 sets

I am spent friends. You guys seriously have no idea how much blogging and your support has changed my life. I am making such better decisions because I am accountable now. I can't imagine that my life is that crazy interesting for you to keep up on but I will continue to try to share my tips and secrets and offer encouragement. By the way I've never mentioned that I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer through AFAA as well as a Social Worker, so hopefully I will have some info. and resources that will be useful. Thank you all for helping me be a better person:)



I didn't realise you were a social worker- do you juggle two jobs at the moment? I'm glad you are enjoying's become such a huge part of my life!

Can't beat PB and J- not the prettiest of foods, but rest assured that bloggers apprecciate it! So sweet of your husband to make smoothies, and carrot sounds much more appetising to me than spinach/kale (I can't quite get my head around that despite it's popularity!) Dinner looks delicious- I am also quite particular about the meats I will eat, but turkey is one of my favourites (good turkey, that is- have had my share of dry/gross turkey!)

have a gret Thursday!


Mmm PB & J is so good. And that turkey? mmmmm.

I am thinking about social work as a career. How did you like the schooling?


I have one of those Laras in my purse right now!

Glad you had a better day... that smoothie looks GREAT. We only have apples and oranges in the house now, but I've been hankering for some smootheness so that will have to change.

I'll definitely be hitting you up for some PT tips!

Have a lovely day :-)



Hi! I found your blog through Gena's blogroll and I'm having so much fun looking through your past posts. You sound like a darling girl. :D

How did you go about getting your PT certificate? Independent study?

Have a gorgeous night sweetie!

With Love,


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