Thursday, May 21, 2009

Karma has kicked me in the butt...and then spit in my face.

So, remember yesterday's post? You know the one where I pleaded with you all to pray for the Swine Flu to hit my school hard enough to close the school down with out me getting sick? Yeah well that came back to slap me in the face. I am sick as a dog! Like hellishly sick. I am not afraid of the Swine Flu but I am definitely coming down with something. Karma is a be-otch! What sucks extra bad too is that I had to stay at work sick all day because half the staff was sick! Stupid Swine Flu.

I needed COMFORT food! This bagel did just the trick. It's so hard to stay on track when you feel like crappola.

I didn't anticipate staying at work all day so I didn't pack a lunch. Hence my random collection of snacks. I wasn't all that hungry anyways.
Afternoon snack uplifted my spirits just a bit:)
Since my lunch was weak I had this when I came home...and then I took a 4 hour nap.
Hubby made me some more comfort food when I woke up, spaghetti(with whole wheat pasta):) What a sweetheart. Tonight we thoroughly enjoyed So You Think You Can Dance. I almost feel alright about The Biggest Loser being over with the help of SYTYCD. Did any of you guys watch it??
I swear I am almost done with Edy's. Almost.

I hope I do some speedy recovery by tomorrow so I can make it to the blogging lunch!! Gina from Fitnessista invited me to a raw food joint Caravan of Dreams and I reallllyyyy want to go. Blasted karma!



Hope you're feeling better. I was checking out your comments on my blog tonight and I love that caught the very cute cheesy kids hugging. Of course, if you look closely Lukey is not so enthralled...he's licking the hugger!


Hey girl! I'm sorry you've been feeling sick....I desperately wanted swine flu to hit my school during finals week also, so that all the tests could be online and open-book! It didn't happen though, haha!! Hope you feel better, I really need to buy myself some Edy's ice cream....I see it everywhereee and i've got a serious craving for it now!

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