Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One more day down till a long weekend

Today flew! Thank goodness, one day closer to a long weekend:) I had to recruit at another high school in Brooklyn this morning and I got majorly lost!! So I walked in late and unbenonst to me I had to give a speech in front of a full auditorium of New York City high schooler's. Yikes!! I hate being unprepared. Hate it. It's also not my favorite thing to entertain nyc teenagers. It's sort of impossible, unless your P. Diddy or Rihana, neither of which I am:)

Instead of eating my favorite breakfast on the subway this morning I ate it on the bus. I have to say, I despise the New York City bussing system. I really prefer the subway. I just couldn't enjoy my breakfast with the old guy staring me down for not giving up my seat for him....I'm not a cold hearted b. He wasn't THAT old.
Snacked on some baby carrots while waiting for the bus back to work.
Lunch at Subway. Turkey and Ham and every veggie, except tomatoes(ewwww!) and mustard.
Met the hubbie at Chipotles. I again ate only half of this rice bowl, thinking I was awesome but then we ate dinner early (5pm) since Gabe took the day off, so I ate the other half at like 8pm. Whoops.
Some more Edy's Frozen Yogurt for me. Yummmmm.

-Got lost when trying to find high school and had to walk 1.5 miles from the bus. I hauled butt to get there too. I almost think power walking is harder then running, especially in heels. Ahhh.

I am happily watching Tori & Dean: Inn Love on DVR. I have to get it in while the husband is distracted(he's taking a shower), there are just some shows he can't stand(Real Housewives, MTV, Kardiashians) I LOVE DVR!!! Are there any shows that you have to watch without your loved one??



Hey Brooke - thanks for stopping by my blog! I like seeing the pics of all your meals. I used to do something similar and post recipes and how I modified them, but I've gotten lazy recently and haven't taken the time. Maybe you'll inspire me to get back on track! Happy dieting :)


Well, I'm not sure I can keep up with TWO blogs! I can hardly keep up with one!!!! But your food looks good....you don't even want to know what I snacked on this afternoon. But maybe this will motivate me to lay off the cookies and eat a carrot. But, for the record, I ALWAYS eat my tomatoes even though I don't really like them.

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