Monday, June 15, 2009

Schools out for summer!

I didn't have too shabby of a Monday. I hope the same went for all of you! It was our last day of school! Hey-oh!! "Schools out for summa! Schools out foreva!"-My tribute to Dazed and Confused...anywho, graduation isn't till next week because the kids have regents for the next week and a half. NYC schools don't get out till sooo late. They hardly have any summer break! Oh well, they sure as hell have a lot of days off during the school year. I played whiffle ball for like 2 hours and pretty much tore it up. I nearly lost my voice I was screaming so loud, trying to get everyone into it. I have this giddy 13 year old girl immediately under the surface of my skin that comes out whenever anything is whatsoever exciting. Kind of ridiculous. I just about lost my voice playing whiffle ball.

Kashi Honey Puffs. Love this stuff. Kashi should give me a shout out and send me some free goodies I advertise for them so much.

Lunch was a new type of microwave meal I've never tried before, Smart Ones. This was way more filling and cheaper then Lean Cuisine. I am very pleased with this purchase.

School lunch provided pizza and watermelon. I fended off the pizza till about 3:30 and I finally gave into a slice. The watermelon was such a bonus.

Gabe is so sweet. He had a great American meal waiting for me when I got home. If you haven't tried it yet, you have to try rotisserie chicken at the grocery store. Such a steal. They cost about 5 bucks and they provide at least 5 servings of delicious meat. I 'm super fussy about the meat I eat too, and I love this stuff.

Dessert was some Rocky Road ice cream. It's 140 calories per serving, not too bad. Considering I eat at least 2 servings at once.

-Does packing count?? Oh yeah, I played whiffle ball for 2 hours. Didn't even feel like a work-out it was so f-ing fun! Tomorrow I'm running. Seriously.



rocky road is my favoriteee ! :) oh and whiffle ball definitelycounts as exercise ;)


have to ask...what is whiffle ball?! YAY summer! Hope you have some fun stuff planned before you move! (and YES- packing definitely sounts as exercise!) I want some rocky road ice cream :D


oops- thanks for adding me to your blogroll! you are on mine too- I've moved though and my new site is: www/


have a great tuesday!


That is one Kashi cereal I have not tried yet! How could it be bad though, right? My favorite is the Go Lean Crunch with honey and flax. Yum.


Woohoo enjoy your summer break, lady!

I haven't tried that Kashi cereal, but it's on my list!

Gena (Choosing Raw)

That watermelon is lovely!

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